The demonstration version of this script allows anyone to add banners, quotes, or other things to the rotation (otherwise, it wouldn't be much of a demo, now would it?). However, some immature and otherwise silly people like to set up banners or whatever with naughty pictures or obscene or offensive titles. Don't ask me why -- maybe they think they're funny. :-)

At any rate, if this sort of thing offends you, you may either take this opportunity to use the admin demo to delete whatever you find offensive from the system, or email me a polite note and I'll reset the pages. I don't have offensive stuff on here intentionally, but children will be children.

You may also skip the demo entirely by going back to the SFEBanner page, and just downloading the script to set it up on your own site to test it.

If you feel you can deal with the possibility of seeing bad language, pictures, and offensive comments, go on to the Demo of the Admin section here or view the rotation page using JavaScript here or view the rotation page using Server-Side Includes (SSI) here.